ZF Launches New Electric Axle At Busworld Turkiye 2024


The AxTrax 2 LF delivers a continuous power output of up to 360 kW and achieves a peak torque of up to 37,300 Nm. This enables it to provide a climbing capability of 20% for articulated buses weighing up to 29 tons with a single drive axle.

At the Busworld Turkiye trade show in Istanbul from May 29 to 31, ZF showcased its cutting-edge technologies aimed at helping bus manufacturers and fleet operators achieve safer, more connected, and less carbon-intensive public transport. The highlight of ZF’s exhibit was the unveiling of its next-generation electric axle for low-floor city buses, the AxTrax 2 LF, marking its debut in the country.

This new axle is a significant advancement in ZF’s e-Mobility initiatives, designed to boost performance and support the shift towards a greener future in the commercial vehicle sector.

The AxTrax 2 LF is a key component of ZF’s innovative next-gen modular e-mobility kit, which includes features like an electric motor with hairpin winding technology and an 800 V silicon carbide (SiC) inverter. It offers a continuous output of up to 360 kW and a peak torque of 37,300 Nm, enabling a 20% climbing capacity for articulated buses with a maximum gross vehicle weight of 29 tons on a single drive axle.

Additionally, the AxTrax 2 LF provides up to 10% more energy efficiency than its predecessor, occupies a compact footprint to maximize passenger space, and maintains size comparability with the previous AxTrax AVE model. It integrates seamlessly with ZF’s air suspension and braking systems. The axle also incorporates advanced software features like condition monitoring and cybersecurity, with mass production set to commence in 2025.

ZF also displayed its latest ADAS technologies at the event, including the OnHand EPH and a sophisticated Collision Mitigation System (CMS) for city buses. Attendees had the opportunity to participate in a live demonstration of ZF’s digital fleet management tool, Bus Connect, and explore the advanced fleet orchestration platform, SCALAR.


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