ZF CVS Division Introduces New Trailer Telematics Solution


The solution is designed to enhance uptime and performance, as well as lower expenses across the entire trailer ecosystem, benefiting trailer manufacturers, rental firms, and fleet operators.

ZF’s Commercial Vehicles Solutions (CVS) division recently introduced a new trailer telematics solution that combines a straightforward and integrated package, aimed at boosting uptime and performance while also decreasing expenses for trailer manufacturers, rental companies, and fleets. This offering streamlines the digitization of trailer operations.

The solution consolidates multiple technologies into a single “all-in-one” package, integrating ZF’s OptiTire Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS), Trailer Electronic Braking Systems (which includes TEBS and the next-generation iEBS), and the trailer Operating Data Recorder (ODR). These components are connected to ZF’s SCALAR cloud platform through the SCALAR EVO Pulse connectivity device.

Adhering to the latest GDPR (EU) and UN ECE regulation R141, ZF’s trailer telematics solution delivers enhanced operational efficiencies through real-time, data-driven insights. This can elevate the performance and reliability of trailers, offering benefits to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and fleet operators. Trailer builders can refine their production methods, customer service, and trailer designs, achieving cost reductions in the process. Fleet managers gain the ability to optimize fuel consumption and driver performance.

Christiaan Verschueren, Vice President of Trailer Solutions at ZF, shared his insights on the new innovation, highlighting that with nearly five decades of experience in trailer technologies, ZF is advancing with smart components, digital solutions, and services designed to support trailer builders, fleet operators, and leasing companies. He emphasized that having access to precise technical data about trailer performance allows manufacturers to refine their designs, resulting in trailers that are both more durable and reliable for their customers.

Hjalmar Van Raemdonck, Head of Digital Solutions at ZF, further elaborated that the new package taps into ZF’s deep knowledge of advanced trailer components combined with its digital expertise, delivering substantial advantages to both trailer OEMs and fleet operators. He explained that by linking the system components via the SCALAR cloud platform, these elements become interconnected assets that significantly improve operational efficiency and reduce costs.

Constancio Villodre, CEO of Parcisa, a Spanish manufacturer of stainless steel and aluminium road tankers, praised the new ZF telematics package. Under the banner ‘Parcisa Connect’, this innovative connected trailer solution enables customers to remotely manage their entire fleet. It offers a comprehensive suite of data and tools that enhance planning and routing, improve service time management, bolster communication with drivers, support eco-driving practices, and provide precise diagnostics.


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