Zeebeetronics' ESD footwear tester


Zeebeetronics has introduced an ESD footwear and wrist strap talking tester in November 2010, which gives a voice message indicating the condition of the ESD wrist straps and footwear.

Features and USP: The ESD footwear and wrist strap tester are the first line of defence against electrostatic charge build up on the human body. At the same time, the wrist strap/footwear must remain electrically safe for the user. Thus, it is important to test every wrist strap/footwear regularly. In order to protect sensitive electronic components, the maximum wrist strap resistance should not be more than 10 Megohms and footwear resistance should not be more than 35 Megohms. On the other hand, the resistance should not be less than 0.75 Mohm as protection to the wearer against dangerous levels of voltage and current flow.

This instrument checks these parameters under actual operating conditions, that is, with the strap on the wrist or the footwear worn on the foot. It informs by a voice message whether or not the wrist strap/footwear is safe for use.


For further details: Zeebeetronics, Z Bharucha, 27, Krishna Reddy Colony, Domlur Layout, Bengaluru 560071; Ph: +91-80-25354206, +919845056114; Fax: +91-80-25351217; Email: [email protected]; Website: www.zeebeetronics.com



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