Wipro To Purchase Alight For $117 Mn


Wipro Ltd., one of the biggest software exporters of India, is set to purchase Alight solutions’ India operations for $117 Million in cash. With the partnership Alight wishes to increase investment in consumer-facing technologies and services.

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The partnership will be mutually benefiting to each other as Alight will leverage Wipro’s strength in automation, machine learning and data analytics for speeding up its business and Wipro will help in automating Alight’s operations.

“Our partnership with Wipro enables us to leverage Wipro’s innovation and leadership in automation and digital technologies while increasing our investments to harness market trends and deliver even better solutions for our clients as their needs and those of their people evolve,” said Chris Michalak, CEO of Alight Solutions.

US-based Alight Solutions has set up its Indian operations in September 2016. In 2017-18 it generated revenue of Rs 1,132 crore.


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