Wartsila eyes on services business in India


Marine and energy equipment provider Wartsila, which has installed about 250 power plants in India, said that it will focus on its services business in India and expects to post single-digit growth this year.


Apart from installations, Wartsila also handles servicing and management for about 35 power plants, including boiler turbine generation stations, with a total output of over 1300 MW in India.

According to Times of India Kimmo Kohtamaki, president and managing director, Wartsila India Pvt Ltd has said that that company has developed highly efficient plants and systems that can switch in seconds to full-load from half load; to half-load from zero. It is particularly useful for plants that are idle or running at half capacity.

As globally companies move towards usage of cleaner fuel options, Wartsila said that it was looking at setting up LNG terminals in Tamil Nadu. With 900 employees in India of a global workforce of 18,000, Wartsila said the Indian market was key to its development. 

While the ship building market is seeing a downturn, Wartsila said it sees opportunity in certain segments like cruises, LNG carriers and ferries. Wartsila recently partnered with NYSE-listed Carnival Corp to expand its business in the cruise line.


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