Waaree Energies Launches Customised Solar Modules for EVs


These solar modules are built at Waaree Energies’ plant in Surat and are aimed at reducing the existing costs of maintaining EVs

Waaree Energies, the largest solar photovoltaic (PV) manufacturer in India, announced the launch of customised solar modules that are specifically designed for transport industry in the country.

These indigenously developed modules are durable, portable, lighter, flexible and more efficient, thus making them ideal for electric vehicles (EVs). These solar modules are perfect for vehicles which need energy for several services including auxiliary functions such as refrigeration, etc.

Waaree Energies has partnered with Bergstrom & Motherson Sumi and is now looking for more such associations to revolutionise the solar industry.


Commenting on the development, Sunil Rathi, Director, Waaree Energies said, “Waaree Energies has always aimed at transforming India into a solar reliant country and be at par with its international counterparts.”

Increase efficiency

“With Waaree customised solar modules, Waaree is aiming to cater to the electrical vehicles that are expected to hit Indian streets in the coming years. With the flexibility and durability of these modules, we expect a great outcome. It will significantly reduce the frequency of charging the vehicles and contribute to reducing climate change. These modules are expected to increase efficiency by 10-25 per cent,” Rathi said.

The company is looking to transform the way Indians think of transportation, with the latest customised solar modules. These modules are built at the company’s plant in Surat. The modules are aimed at reducing the existing costs of maintaining EVs. Apart from supporting EVs, these modules are suitable to install on commercial vehicles.

Waaree Energies, a flagship company of Waaree Group, has the largest solar PV module manufacturing capacity in India of 1.5 GW. As a leader in the industry, the company understood the need of the industry and developed the modules for EVs.



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