Vikram Solar sets up India’s first floating PV power plant in Kolkata


solar_seawaterJanuary 14, 2015: Renowned module manufacturer Vikram Solar has successfully successfully completed the installation and grid connection of the India’s first floating PV power plant in Kolkata. With an aim to create a solar PV system that is suitable for connection on water body, this installation was developed in collaboration with the Arka Renewable Energy College. The installation will be capable of generating at least 14 Mwh of power in a year. The installation has been designed to last for 25 years and is grid-connected via a submersible cable.

Giving his comments on the project, Vikram Solar’s head of business development and engineering, Miguel Monsalve said, “The project underlines Vikram Solar’s strong track record and efforts to make solar energy available everywhere and for everyone – even in the remotest and most challenging environments, such as water.” According to latest reports, Gon Chaudhuri, former MD of West Bengal Renewable Energy Development Agency (WBREDA) and former advisor to the Indian state power department, has said that the project has already gaining keen attention from ministers and engineers. Giving a broader detail on this, he further stated that a team of experts will be coming from Lakshwadeep to take a look at the project because a similar project will be undertaken there as it gives an added advantage of saving land and utilising a water body.