UTC's motor control ICs


The Unisonic Technologies Corporation (UTC) has launched a wide range of motor control ICs to be used in automotive, consumer electronics, communications.

Features and USP: Motor control ICs are high performance and competitive prices with low lead time and in various types such as single phase, two phase and three phase. Its features include seven segment decoder display drivers, a reference clock, frequency and clock display driver. They consume very low power in clock display mode. These ICs have inbuilt hall amplifier and hall bias circuit and internal pulse width modulation (PWM) control and are designed for driving reversible motor use besides features such as torque/speed control, four channel H bridge driver to drive four motors. These are available in various operating from 1.8V to 40V in different packages . They are generally used for driving DC motor, stepper motor and brushless DC motors, targeting the applications such as radio cassette tape recorders, DC fans, hard disk drives.

For further details: Millennium Semiconductors, 17/18/19, 2nd Floor, Mahalaxmi Heights, Mumbai Pune Road, Pimpari, Pune; Ph: +91-20-27484800/2784900/9552596415; Email: [email protected]; [email protected] ; Website: www.millenniumsemi.com



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