UL India opens PV testing centre


Underwriters Laboratories (UL) has opened its testing and certification lab for photovoltaic (PV) equipment in Bengaluru, which is the company’s fifth in the world. Set up with an investment of US $4 million, the lab is equipped with environmental chambers, sun simulators and instrumentation from global leaders like ESPEC, Spire Corporation and Agilent. It is capable of testing and

certifying 48 families of PV modules in a year. Apart from testing prior to certification, this facility can also support testing for product development, quality control and performance assessment for PV power plants. This lab will enable Indian companies to get the necessary certification for PV modules and other equipment to meet various national and international standards like UL, IEC, EN etc, thereby, assisting their entry into the global markets.

UL has been working with various government departments and industry bodies in India to understand the needs of the manufacturers and users of PV equipment in an attempt to provide proactive solutions to the industry’s problems.



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