True power’s square wave home UPS


True Power has launched a new series of square wave home UPS named ‘SIGNATURE’, comprising of ratings 650VA-12V, 850VA-12V and 1500VA-24V. These are rugged, reliable and customer friendly.

Features and USP: The home UPS has stratification and sulphation removal feature which helps the electrolyte present in the battery to stratify and bring back the battery in the normal state. The initial charge cycle also ensures longer life of the battery as the battery remains idle for a longer duration before being sold to the end user.

The feature of gravity profile management automatically senses ageing of the battery condition and helps in adjusting the charging parameters according to the charge acceptance of the battery. It has automatic high charging and low charging selection according to the power condition of the site. It is energy efficient and saves more energy in comparison with any other square wave home UPS.

For contact details: Anil Bhaskar, True Power International Ltd, BG-135,Sanjay Gandhi Transport Nagar, New Delhi 110042; Website:



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