Tinsley's wireless process signal transmission


Tinsley has launched its wireless process signal communications system, the latest innovation in the field of process signal transmission.

Features and USP: The system is safe and economical, can be easily installed, has no need for cabling,

is user friendly, operates on wireless (radio frequency) technology for the transmission of process signals (868MHz–a permissible bandwidth), is suitable for transmission of temperature, RH, and other process signals like 4-20mA from pressure sensors, etc. Only one modem (receiver) is required in the control room, which can support up to 255 transmitters. A single modem can support a distance of 300 m, which can be further extended to 2700 m using repeaters. Its powerful software also enables the user to display, trace and process all the data in real time; display the average, maximum, minimum and standard deviation of each sensor; display outputs in the form of graphs, mimic diagrams, curves, numerical formats, spreadsheets, etc. The system is EMC compliant.

For further details: The Tinsley Group Ltd (India), Sandeep Sharma, 304, Plot No 7, Mahajan Tower, LSC, Shrestha Vihar, Delhi 110092; Ph: 0091-11-22152150, 22152151, 65288338, 09871098284; Fax: 0091-11-22152152; Email: [email protected]



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