TIER IV And Suzuki Partner For Autonomous Driving In Japan


Tier IV, a pioneer in developing Autoware, the first open-source software for autonomous driving in the world, has formed a business alliance with Suzuki Motor Corp to expedite the advancement and commercialization of autonomous driving technology.

TIER IV, a deep-tech startup from Japan known for its leadership in open-source software and autonomous driving technology, has formed a strategic capital and business alliance with Suzuki, a major Japanese manufacturer of cars and motorcycles. This partnership is designed to fast-track the development and commercialization of autonomous driving technologies to improve regional mobility solutions.

By integrating TIER IV’s adaptable software platforms with Suzuki’s extensive manufacturing expertise, the alliance plans to develop innovative mobility services powered by autonomous driving technology. These services aim to meet the growing demand for more accessible and efficient mobility options in regional areas.

TIER IV is at the forefront of the open-source movement with its Autoware software, which encourages widespread development within the autonomous driving sector. Through Autoware, TIER IV offers scalable software platforms and a suite of solutions, collaborating with a global network of partners to advance the deployment of smart vehicles that benefit society at large.

In Hamamatsu City, Suzuki is leading the way in smart mobility services utilizing autonomous driving technology, focusing on areas where conventional public transport is in decline.

Both TIER IV and Suzuki have expressed their commitment to accelerating the development of essential autonomous driving technologies, with the goal of transforming regional mobility solutions to meet the needs of individuals and society at large.


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