TI makes LED lighting design easy and fast


Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) has recently introduced two fully integrated LED driver micro-modules that eliminate the external components and complex layout placement challenges typical of LED driver designs. The 450-mA TPS92550 and TPS92551 DC/DC LED driver modules are the industry’s first to incorporate all the required power and passive circuitry into a single IC package to deliver up to 23W of power to the LED.

The 14 W TPS92550 and 23 W TPS92551 are constant current buck LED driver modules that virtually eliminate the need for power supply design resources and simplify procurement, with just one module replacing four or more components. Together with TI’s WEBENCH LED Architect, the lighting developer can quickly design a power management circuit with the minimum components needed to drive a string of 16 or more LEDs at up to 96 per cent power efficiency. The result is a fast, easy and compact LED lighting design.



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