Tes to Open Environmentally Friendly Lithium-ion Battery Recycling Facility

  • The facility will reduce carbon dioxide emission by 300 tonnes a year
  • Tes says the facility will not release secondary contaminants

Singapore based e-waste recycling company Tes will open two new lithium-ion battery recycling facilities with one in Singapore and the other one in France.The recycling facilities can enable a complete closed-loop cycle for lithium-ion batteries. This will let precious metals to be reused again in the manufacture of new batteries for devices like mobile phones and electric vehicles says Tes. The facility in Singapore will be known as TES B which will open in February 2020.

A report by Channelnewsasia mentions that Tes has conducted a study that shows Singapore households will generate about 1000 tonnes of waste batteries of various types by 2021, including lithium-ion batteries, which account for 500 tonnes or 50 per cent of the total.

350 kilowatt peak solar photovoltaic panels

The report further says that Wu Ge, general manager of strategic projects at Tes-AMM Singapore said the new facility will use 350 kilowatt peak (kWp) solar photovoltaic panels to produce electricity that will reduce carbon dioxide emission by 300 tonnes a year. TES also mentioned the facilities will have auto punching machines and shredders that will break end-of-life batteries into fine substances, magnetic separators will recover copper and aluminium and chemical treatment will recover commodity-grade cobalt and lithium.


Tes claims the process is environmentally friendly as it does not release secondary contaminants like heavy metals or volatile organic compounds into the atmosphere. The closed loop process means all recovered materials can be reused in the forward manufacturing supply chain.



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