Telangana Fixes Rs. 6 per unit Tariff for EV Charging Stations


Telangana has fixed the tariffs for EV charging so that the DISCOMS can also benefit by selling more power and support system maintenance

The Telangana State Electricity Regulatory Commission has fixed Rs. 6 per unit as the rate for electric vehicles charging stations. It has also fixed time-of-day charges for four slots in one day.

Time slots and charges


The time-of-day charge of Rs. 7 per unit has been fixed for time slots between 6-10 am and 6-10 pm for high tension charging stations. It is Rs. 5 per unit from 10 pm-6 am slot and Rs. 6 per unit for the two Northern and Southern distribution companies.

The Northern and Southern distribution companies had proposed for a high tariff of Rs. 7.50-10 per unit across the four time slots in their applications while finalising the rates. They had additionally proposed a fixed charge of Rs. 60 per kW for low tension charging stations.

The Regulatory Commission rejected the use of open access through renewable energy sources for charging stations. It decided on different rates for different time slots on account of the financial viability of the distribution licensee. It argued that one rate could not fit the bill for all the states across the country.

Promotional tariff

The commission has allowed for promotional tariff in subsidy form. It believes that the rates will help distribution companies to sell more power and support load management and system maintenance.

While fixing the tariffs, Telangana considered the central government’s statement that the applicable tariff for charging stations would be less than or equal to the average cost of supply determined by the Aggregate Technical and Commercial loss level of 25 per cent or actual, whichever is lower.



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