Tektronix's oscilloscope MSO/DPO5000 series


Tektronix has introduced a new mixed signal oscilloscope platform—MSO/DPO5000 series, which will give embedded systems design engineers unmatched performance and analysis tools for complex component and system level debug and validation tasks.

Features and USP: The new MSO/DPO5000 series features include FastAcq with a>250,000 wfm/s maximum waveform capture rate to discover elusive problems, segmented memory acquisition and long record length to capture long time periods at high resolution, extensive built-in tools for indepth analysis of complex designs, and a Windows based user interface for easy networking and intuitive operation. It features eight models ranging from 350 MHz of analog bandwidth and 5 GS/s sample rates to 2 GHz and 10 GS/s for higher end applications. Record length ranges from 12.5M up to 250M for in depth analysis and debug. Each model has 4 analog channels.

It also offers critical tools for every stage of debug. DPX® technology with FastAcq enables engineers to quickly see problems in their signal with one of the industry’s fastest acquisition rates up to 2 GHz, then use over 350 trigger combinations to capture that event the first time. Extensive triggers for serial and parallel bus content enable fast validation of bus operation and make it possible for engineers to quickly track down system level problems in embedded systems.

For further details: Tektronix (India) Ltd, Bengaluru; Ph: 000-800-650-1835 (toll free); Email: [email protected]; Website: www.tektronix.com



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