Tektronix's logic analyser


Tektronix’s TLA6000 Series logic analyser has been named one of the ‘Hot 100 products of 2010’ by the US based EDN magazine for its high performance and affordability, bringing high-end debugging and analysis capabilities to mainstream embedded system designers.

Features and USP: The TLA6000 Series is offered in 68, 102, and 136 digital channel configurations with 125 ps high-speed timing on all channels, up to 450 MHz state timing and up to 128 MB record lengths. In order to boost engineering productivity, it offers advanced features like iCaptureTM multiplexing that eliminates double probing with simultaneous digital and analogue acquisition through a single logic analyser probe. Glitch trigger and storage allows users to trigger on and display observed signal integrity faults, while the iViewTM display provides a useful time-correlated view of both logic analyser and oscilloscope data on the same display. It is well suited for a broad range of debugging and analysis applications including signal integrity analysis, FPGA debugging and verification, MIPI protocol analysis, memory system validation, and embedded software integration and debugging.

For further details: Tektronix (India) Ltd, Bengaluru; Ph: 000-080-6501853 (toll free); Email: [email protected]; Website: www.tektronix.com



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