Tech Mahindra Eyes Business Opportunity as 5G Rolls Out Globally


Tech Mahindra eyes to ramp up its business goals ahead of the 5G rollout across the world by utilizing its strength in the communication segment

Technology major, Tech Mahindra sees a huge business opportunity in the upcoming 5G era across the world. The company plans to tap into the opportunity and bid on 5G contracts. PTI quoted C P Gurnani, chief executive and managing director, Tech Mahindra, saying, “On the telecom side, our visibility is that it will show a gradual growth from now on, the trajectory is right and we should be able to sustain it.”

5G technology


Tech Mahindra views the 5G technology as the next big opportunity in the telecom segment. The company plans to utilize its strength to virtualise and bag 5G contracts by telecoms. The CEO further said that the telecom companies in India were betting big on the new technology and would soon be exploring ways to yield revenue out of the investments made.

Tech Mahindra growth

Tech Mahindra’s communications segment accounted for about a 4 per cent revenue in September which was higher in comparison to the earlier records. It accounted for about 41.5 per cent of its Rs 8,629 crore revenue in the September quarter. The tech major plans to grow at 8-10 per cent annually.

It has been increasing its staff strength by adding 3,000 employees in the first half of this fiscal and around 2,200 in the first quarter. It has said that it is looking to add more to the strength in the future. It is currently in talks to include automation, increasing utilisation, more efforts on training so that employees can start working on projects quickly and pursuing the right business mix.



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