TCS Launches TCS WaferWise To Detect Wafer Anomaly in Semiconductor Manufacturing

  • TCS WaferWise is a cloud-based solution that uses custom AI models to automatically detect and classify anomalies
  • It analyses nano-scale images generated during the semiconductor manufacturing process

Tata Consultancy Services has announced the launch of TCS WaferWise. The company said that it is a cloud-based wafer anomaly detection solution that uses the company’s contextual knowledge of the semiconductor industry and deep learning technology to help chipmakers digitally reimagine their product quality assurance process.

Sophisticated quality inspection of wafers during the semiconductor manufacturing process is essential to detect and classify defects early and accurately. It is also needed for quality improvement. Many companies still run manual inspections that depend heavily on human expertise. It makes the process prone to errors, and limits manufacturing throughput.

V Rajanna, global head, technology business unit, TCS said, “TCS has been the growth and transformation partner for leading semiconductor manufacturers. We have been investing heavily in research and innovation to harness the power of AI and machine learning to reimagine the fabrication value chain and help our customers build competitive differentiation. TCS WaferWise is a transformative solution that we are deploying at the core of our customers’ manufacturing processes to improve product quality, drive up throughput, and meaningfully enhance their business growth.”

Analysing nano-scale images


TCS said that TCS WaferWise is a cloud-based solution that uses custom AI models to automatically detect and classify anomalies. It does so by analysing nano-scale images generated during the semiconductor manufacturing process. The solution runs on Google Cloud. It uses TCS’ Continuous Learning Platform to sample different datasets across multiple manufacturing lines and automatically trigger learning when required. This enhances the accuracy of the AI model steadily.

Victor Morales, managing director, partnerships, Google Cloud said, “Semiconductor companies, like all manufacturers, are looking to optimize processes, minimize costs and improve quality control. We’re excited that this solution will bring together the combined strengths of Google Cloud and TCS to solve problems that are at the core of the semiconductor business. TCS is leveraging its industry expertise and Google Cloud’s infrastructure and AI capabilities to help this set of key customers modernize and streamline critical processes.”



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