Tata Power Solar to Offer Customers End-to-End Services


Tata power solar plans to mark its presence in manufacturing, engineering, construction and maintenance

India’s Tata Power Company plans to offer a range of services in India from consulting and financing to installation and maintenance. The company wants to increase its share of the market for rooftop solar panels.

With a market share of 6 per cent, it sees plenty of scope for growth in India and aims to leverage its position as an integrated solar power company. Tata Power Solar, the renewable energy arm of Mumbai-headquartered Tata Power, is planning to offer customers end-to-end services.

Benefit of low-cost solar panels to customers

Praveer Sinha, Chief Executive Officer of Tata Power told that they would give the benefit of low-cost solar panels to their consumers and also help them save money with other value-added services.

Well, the services would include consultancy, sourcing of solar panels, installation and maintenance of rooftop structures as well as low-cost financing and liaising with distributors. Low-cost financing would be offered through Tata group’s financing arm, Tata Capital.
The company is also planning to launch a dealer network to better take on its mass of competitors, including Chinese companies.

Moreover, it plans to have 58 master dealers across nine states with each having five third-party salespeople under them. Furthermore, India has plans to install up to 175 gigawatts (GW) of renewable energy capacity by 2022, out of which 40 GW is expected to come from rooftop solar panels.


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