Tata Elxsi And Red Hat Collaborate On 5G Vehicle Apps


This partnership leverages Red Hat’s OpenShift platform to provide uniform cloud services and utilizes Tata Elxsi’s Neuron platform for the automation of cloud processes and management of 5G applications.

Tata Elxsi, a global engineering and design firm, announced on Thursday its strategic alliance with Red Hat, the foremost global provider of open-source operating systems. This collaboration is designed to facilitate the deployment of applications within a 5G multi-cloud framework for telecommunications companies and Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs).

The alliance capitalizes on the strengths of Red Hat’s OpenShift, a container platform that provides a consistent and unified Container-as-a-Service (CaaS) layer across various cloud environments. Additionally, it integrates Tata Elxsi’s Neuron, a multi-layer automation platform that streamlines cloud automation and enhances the placement and modernization of 5G applications.

The collaborative efforts will extend to the development of 5G Connected Car initiatives using Tata Elxsi’s TETHER, a Connected Vehicle Platform (CVP), and Red Hat’s In-Vehicle Operating System. These initiatives aim to implement edge analytics, manage in-vehicle data processing, and leverage Machine Learning Operations (MLOps). With its proven track record and award-winning solutions in the connected vehicle market, combined with expertise in 5G network design, orchestration, automation, and testing, Tata Elxsi is well-positioned to drive innovation in this area.

Together, Tata Elxsi and Red Hat are set to assist global operators in capitalizing on network potential through groundbreaking applications in the automotive, healthcare, and other industries.

Vivek Tiwari, Vice President of the Telco 5G Business Unit at Tata Elxsi, expressed enthusiasm for the role of telecommunications companies in spearheading customer-centric services and adopting novel network technologies. These technologies necessitate a transition towards cloudification and hybrid/multi-cloud adoption, with Red Hat providing a uniform CaaS layer across multi-cloud networks, alongside the integration of DevSecOps, AI/MLOps, and comprehensive automation. Tiwari emphasized the combined capabilities of Tata Elxsi and Red Hat in driving multi-cloud automation with edge analytics to deliver distinctive services to clients.


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