Tata Communications is Growing in Cyber Security Business


Tata group’s leading telecommunications provider, Tata Communications, has planned to invest $50 million in its growing cybersecurity business 

The cybersecurity business of Tata Communications has been increasing rapidly over the years. The telecommunications provider has informed that its growing interest in small, medium and large enterprises have contributed to its growth.

CR Srinivasan, Chief Digital Officer, Tata Communications, said that the firm’s cybersecurity business has been growing at the rate of over 50 per cent. It has launched a new cybersecurity response centre (CSRC) in Chennai to provide global security services with local expertise. The company already has existing cybersecurity centres in Pune, Singapore and Dubai. With the Chennai centre, it has further strengthened its portfolio in this sector.

Chennai centre

The new centre has a capacity to employ around 100 people as the city is increasingly becoming a cybersecurity hub. The overall staff strength of Tata Communications cybersecurity centres is about 350 and the company intends to increase it to 500. It will have 35-50 people for each facility depending on the size of its business.

The centre will be implementing new technologies like interactive visual walls, 3D object recognition and virtual reality (VR) in cybersecurity to provide its services to companies efficiently.  The new team in Chennai, for the purpose, has created new software capabilities and other technical services with additional support from other sources.

It has Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) tools, cyber threat intelligence, cloud-based security framework and an attack predictions platform. Tata has planned to invest around $50 million for this business.

The infrastructure provider offers cloud-based services that support global risk and privacy regulations. Tata Communications will be setting up a cybersecurity response centre in Europe and the US. The Europe centre is aimed to help its customers follow the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which is, in turn, about the protection rules of EU citizens’ personal data.


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