Swappable batteries not fit for big EVs: Delta Electronics


The Indian subsidiary of Taiwan-based energy storage solution Delta Electronics on Tuesday said that swappable batteries are not the right fit for big vehicles like cars and buses. In fact, it works well in scooters and rickshaws.

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The energy storage solution provider, which deals in solar inverters, lithium battery pack for the telecom industry and industrial automation, today launched its public and home charging stations for electric vehicles, reported ET Auto.

“Swappable batteries are not successful in China, where we have a maximum number of electric buses. This concept works well for electric rickshaws and scooters, and not for cars and buses,” said Dalip Sharma, managing director, Delta Electronics India to ET Auto.

“The simple reason is batteries in big vehicles will have high current and safety issues. A loose connection in a swappable battery can lead to risking the bus and its people inside. And it is a failure worldwide,” Sharma said. He also added, “It is difficult to say that it will work in India due to practical challenges.”

Delta Electronic is aiming to touch Rs 3,700 crore turnover by 2023. Of which, the company is planning to invest Rs 185 crore in electric vehicle charging solution. In CY2017, the company clocked Rs 1,300 crore revenue.

Meanwhile, many startups like Gayam Motor Works and Lithium Power are also working on the swappable battery technology — terming it as most efficient and helpful in creating an ecosystem for electric vehicles. But at the same time, suppliers and many other manufacturers are coming up with charging infrastructure solutions for both private and public transport.



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