Surface mount discrete wire IDC


AVX Corporation has introduced a standalone surface mount discrete wire IDC contact and cap component that allows a wide range of devices to be connected to the PCB without soldering.

Features and USP: The robust 9176 series connectors will increase design flexibility in lighting applications. It eases design constraints by enabling wires to be simply inserted into the SMT contact with a small tool. In LED lighting applications, these contacts are used to bring power and signals onto the PCB, and to enable lighting designers to daisy chain multiple boards together in long strings to increase light output. The new 9176 series connector system reduces total applied costs when compared to either soldering or crimping, and increases design flexibility since individual contacts can be located anywhere on the PCB. While the IDC contact provides a gas tight connection to wire conductors for long term reliability, the optional cap provides positive strain relief even in the harshest conditions. To facilitate system repair, wires can be removed and replaced up to three times. The single 9176 series contact and cap accepts 18 to 24 AWG wires with an insulation diameter ranging from 1.1 to 2.1mm. Dual beam contacts support a 10A current rating, and the large SMT solder base provides high levels of stability on the PCB.

For further details: AVX, 1306-1310, China Enterprise Tower Complex, 2 Hua Shan Road, Shanghai, China 200040, Ph:+862-162171201, +656-2867555, Fax:+862-162171002, Email: [email protected],





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