Supply of renewable energy certificates exceeded demand for August


Saturday, August 31, 2013: According to Indian Energy Exchange (IEX), the supply of Renewable Energy Certificates was more than its demand for the month of August. Trade of 31,101 non-solar and 1,754 solar RECs took place. The total sale bids was 18,72,449 while non-solar RECs purchase bids amounted to 31,101 during August’s trading session. The selling price of each certificate was Rs 1,500. The total number of entities that took part in the latest trading session was 736 and out of this 601 participated in the non-solar segment.

“For solar RECs, buy bids of 1,754 RECs and sell bids of 23,338 RECs were received against which 1,754 RECs were cleared at Rs 9,300 per REC,” stated the leading power exchange in a statement. “On an overall basis, a total of 1,927 participants are registered in the REC segment at IEX,” the statement reflected.

According to the statement, “Of this, 486 are eligible entities (RE generators) 1,428 are obligated entities (discoms, open access consumers and captive generators) and 13 are registered as voluntary entities,” Business Standard reported. The last Wednesday of each month is fixed for conducting trading of RECs on the country’s power exchanges. One REC equals 1 MWh generation of energy from renewable sources.


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