STMicro's single chip motor controller


STMicroelectronics has introduced high performing motor drives for equipment such as security cameras, cash dispensers, ticketing machines, stage lighting, printers and vending machines. These use a complete motor control chip—the digital spin/dspin.

Features and USP: It combines all the necessary digital controls, analogue measurements and power electronic circuitry to control stepper motors through the BCD fabrication process. Implementing the motor control calculations in hardware, simplifies software design by requiring only acceleration, deceleration, speed and target position commands from the application microcontroller. This frees microcontroller resources to support other differentiating features.

In addition to increasing integration over competing solutions, it ensures extremely smooth movement of the motor because of the use of an innovative voltage mode control algorithm. The voltage mode approach allows full digital control, feeding the motor phases with an accurate sinusoidal waveform and resulting in a position resolution of 128 micro-steps, per step. Major features of dspin include a dual low RDS(ON) (0.28 Ohms) DMOS full bridge, a standard SPI control interface, a 7A peak output current (3 arms), and an 8-45V operating voltage range with programmable speed profile and positioning.

For further details: STMicroelectronics Pvt Ltd, Plot No 1, Knowledge Park III, Greater Noida; Ph: +91-0120-4003001; Website: www.stcom



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