STMicroelectronics Purchased 26 Per Cent Of Electricity In 2019 From Green Sources Says Its 2020 Sustainability Report

  • The company said that in 2019, invested 15.7 per cent of revenue in R&D to support innovation
  • It said that it reduced Greenhouse Gas Emissions per unit of production by 21 per cent compared to 2016

STMicroelectronics has reused, recovered, or sent for recycling 94 per cent of its waste in 2019 as per its 2020 Sustainability Report. It said that 26 per cent of the electricity it purchased in 2019 came from green sources.

The 23rd report contains details and highlights of the company’s sustainability performance in 2019. It also shows the company’s ambitions and longer-term goals for 2025 in sync with the United Nations Global Compact1 Ten Principles and Sustainable Development Goals.

Jean-Marc Chery, president and CEO of STMicroelectronics said, “Sustainability is one of the three pillars of ST’s value proposition. It is fully embedded in our company DNA and in the daily operations of ST’s 46,000 outstanding employees, who are once again proving their resilience, creativity and commitment to our communities in these challenging times.”

Chery added, “We approach sustainability by addressing the opportunities and challenges associated with the long-term trends reshaping our societies: our technologies are enablers of safer, greener mobility, advanced power and energy management across all types of systems and devices, and at the heart of the IoT and 5G. Addressing these opportunities and challenges paves the way to long-term sustainable growth for ST as a global company, for our stakeholders, and more broadly for society.”


Net revenues of $9.56 billion

The company said that in 2019, it delivered net revenues of $9.56 billion, an operating margin of 12.6 per cent, and invested 15.7 per cent of revenue in R&D to support innovation. It also said that 62 per cent of its new products classified as ‘responsible’ (products that have the greatest positive impact on the planet and society). This is an increase of 24 per cent compared to 2018.

STMicroelectronics also said that it strengthened its supplier audit program with the RBA2 standard and methodology used across its supply chain to engage them in doing business responsibly. It said that 99 per cent of new suppliers were screened on social and environmental criteria. It was also included in the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices World and Europe.

Dedicated 83 per cent of its community initiatives to education

The company also claimed that it continued to look after its employees. It conducted 97,715 medical acts worldwide in 2019 as compared to 87,742 in 2018. It enrolled more than 8,000 human resources staff and managers in a Diversity and Inclusion awareness training program in 2019. It covered 100 per cent of its 11 main manufacturing sites with RBA audits and secured scores above the industry average. The company said that it strengthened its STEM3 program. It dedicated 83 per cent of its community initiatives to education. The company also said that it increased its engagement score in 2019 with 77 per cent of its employees recommending ST as a great place to work.

The company said that it has accelerated its efforts to address climate change challenges and reduced Greenhouse Gas Emissions per unit of production by 21 per cent compared to 2016. It said that it reduced overall water footprint by 76 per cent (per unit of production) over the last 25 years, and received a B score in the CDP4 water security in 2019.



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