STMicroelectronics launches extended-temperature-range serial EEPROMs


April 04, 2015: STMicroelectronics’ new Industrial-Plus Serial EEPROMs, which operate at temperatures to 105°C, deliver the industry’s most complete selection of densities, bus interfaces, and packages, giving designers extra flexibility to upgrade data and parameter storage without making pc-board design changes.

With 34 new part numbers from 2Kbitsto 512Kbitsin a choice of SO8N or TSSOP pin-compatible packages, the M24 (I2C) and M95 (SPI) series enable equipment used in challenging thermal conditions to benefit from enhanced-reliability devices.

Typical applications include advanced industrial controls and networking equipment, smart-lighting systems, smart power switches, computer servers, and wireless communication modules for harsh environments. ST’s state-of-the-art proprietary EEPROM process technology and compact surface-mount packages also help engineers address system size, weight, and cost challenges.

Rapid, 4ms write time and support for clock frequencies up to 20MHz make these new devices ideal where high-speed parameter storage and rapid data exchange is needed. Up to 4M write/erase cycles are supported. Designers can also leverage a built-in device identification code for traceability and a write-lockable page for securing sensitive data like serial numbers, identifiers, or traceability information.


All 34 Industrial-Plus EEPROM s are in production now and samples are available in all densities, package configurations, and bus-interface options. Pricing is from $0.09for 2KbitM24C02-DRE devices in either SO8N or TSSOP8 packages, in quantities of 1000 units.