ST Microelectronics' power line communication chip


STMicroelectronics has launched a flexible system power line on-chip —‘STarGrid ST7590’, to meet major worldwide smart metering and smart grid standards with pin-to-pin compatible solutions.

Features and USP: It is ideal for electronic meters and other applications, including smart energy control, electric vehicle networking, home area networking and street lighting control. The power line communication system on-chip platform with embedded analogue front end (AFE) and power line driver helps in optimising power consumption and system costs. The latest device also offers a flexible, scalable and future-proof power line communication platform that can be easily adapted to different smart grid application needs and protocol standards. In addition, the platform optimises power consumption and system costs significantly, in fact, more effectively than solutions based on multipurpose standalone DSPs which require additional external AFE and power line driver components.

For further details: STMicroelectronics Pvt Ltd, Plot No 1, Knowledge Park III, Greater Noida; Ph: +91-0120-4003001;



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