Spectrum analyser


In March 2012, GW Instek launched an all new and advanced spectrum analyser called the GSP-930.

Features and USP: It is a 3GHz spectrum analyser designed upon a new generation platform. The high stability, large screen display, light weight and compact size of the GSP-930 benchmark a new standard for 3GHz spectrum analysers in the market. Its advanced features, spectrogram and topography, greatly expand its application range and elevate the importance of a spectrum analyser as an irreplaceable RF analysis instrument. The GSP-930 provides a high frequency stability of 25ppb (0.025ppm) and a very low noise floor of -142dBm (pre-amplifier on) as the high sensibility measurement base. Its flexible selection among 58 RBW ranges, along with spectrogram and topographic features, enables the GSP-930 to capture and display transient, drifting and hopping signals in detail.

For further details: Good Will Instrument Co Ltd; Ph: +91 9999167300; [email protected]; www.gwinstek.com



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