Solutions for home automation


In October 2011, Intellect Systems India Pvt Ltd introduced its room control system (RCS).

Features and USP: The RCS is a direct and intelligent replacement for existing switchboards. This product is a complete solution for home automation for security systems, energy management, ambience control, etc.

Multiple loads can be controlled through ‘mood templates’ for effective illumination or to create different ambiences. All the channels can accept any type of load, including tube lights, CFLs, incandescent bulbs, LED lamps or fans. Individual channels are protected against overload and short-circuits. By design, in case of a channel failure, only the faulty channel will be turned off while the remaining loads will be available with full functionality. Additionally, the RCS has sensors for occupancy, light intensity and heat. Any or a combination of these can be used to trigger the RCS into action.

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