Soldering and assembly technologies


In November 2011, OK International introduced a range of soldering and assembly technologies.

Features and USP: The MFR-1150 desoldering system is a shop air desoldering system which incorporates a built-in power supply, a desoldering hand piece and Venturi workstand. Increased functionality is offered by the unique hand piece that can be used in two different configurations, either in the pencil style or pistol grip. The hand piece also improves solder collection capability by 40 per cent compared to previous MFR systems due to its expanded collection chamber capacity.

The MFR-1300 has a unique power supply, featuring an internal pump that provides 0.7 bar (21in Hg) of vacuum suction force combined with Smartheat Technology, renowned for its productivity-boosting response and control. The MRS-1100 comprises a handheld convection tool with a wide array of nozzles, a preheater, adjustable tool holder with board holder, and light magnifier.

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