Solar room cooler


In November 2011, Ashi Green launched solar room cooler.

Features and USP: Solar room cooler is for use in rural areas and semi urban areas which either do not have any electricity or receive electricity for a very few hours in a day. This cooler is primarily designed to run only on solar power during the day time when the panels receive enough sunshine. It can be run in evening and night time also by using a larger solar panel and larger battery. The size of the solar panel and battery depends upon the hours for which this cooler is to be used. This cooler uses 12VDC devices. However external AC/Dc power adopter can also be provided to run it on 220Vac power. The heavy duty fan motor and water pump used in this cooler is DC power based and the power consumption is very less. The 12V DC water pump uses only 8 watts of DC power and 12V DC fan motor is available in 40 watts and 80 watts.

For further details: Ph: 011-41709370; Website:; Email: [email protected]

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