Solar powered rain proof bulbs


Nokero International has launched a durable, rain-proof and long lasting light bulb—the Nokero N200, which it claims to be the brightest solar bulb in the market. The company is aiming to see it retailed in world markets for around $15 or less. The bulb is designed to last two years before the battery must be replaced. Once replaced, the recyclable, nickel-metal-hydride battery can keep the bulb functioning for over five years, if well-cared for.

The Nokero N200 has three modes: on, off and ‘turbo-task’. The bulb can last over six hours on one day’s charge or over 2.5 hours per night in‘turbo-task’ mode. Its single solar panel can be pivoted toward the sun to maximise charging efficiency in the day, and at night the light can be hung, or set up indoors to provide light. Nokero introduced its first solar light bulb—the N100, in June 2010. The company says it has sold more than 50,000 N100s since then and has launched pilot projects on six continents.



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