SMT rework stations, at a glance


By Atanu Kumar Das

There are numerous innovations happening around SMT rework stations, with manufacturers coming up with new technologies that ensure better productivity and usage of less manpower

The Indian electronics manufacturing industry is expected to grow by leaps and bounds in the coming year. The government’s impetus on enhancing electronics manufacturing will ensure that SMT players in the country can expect substantial growth. SMT rework stations are integral to the manufacturing process and here we feature some of the latest models available in the country.

Model: HR 600/2, Brand: Ersa, Manufacturer: Kurtz Ersa Corporation
The hybrid rework system 600/2 by Kurtz Ersa Corporation is one of the unique products in the market. It is automatic, flexible and process-reliable. Besides, the new revolutionary technique in the rework domain called ‘void-less’ is used in this machine.


ERSA Hybrid Rework BergenKey features:

  • Highly efficient 800W hybrid heating head
  • Homogeneous, large-area IR bottom heating with three heating zones (800W each)
  • Automatic and precise component alignment with the help of machine vision
  • Highly accurate, motor-driven axis system for component placement (+/- 0.025mm)
  • User independent, reproducible repair results guaranteed
  • Process control and documentation via the operator software HRSoft
  • Fully automatic or semi-automatic operation
  • Suitable for the use of the Dip&Print Station

Contact details: [email protected]
India distributor: Bergen Associates Pvt Ltd, New Delhi

Model: 936UA, Brand: Fonton, Manufacturer: Fonton Industrial Company, Taiwan
High efficiency is the ultimate goal in Fonton’s constant pursuit of perfection. This rework station has a fine heating element with 1000-watt upper hot air injection and an ultra hot air IR bottom heating system, and carries out soldering and desoldering with efficiency. Versatile clampers have been specially designed for PCBs used in diverse fields ranging from mobile phones to servers.
The 936UA guarantees quality and a stable yield rate, according to the company. The use of new fuzzy industrial microprocessors and aviation grade industrial precision linear mechanisms ensures accurate and reliable results. Precise, clear and different coloured alignment systems make alignment very accurate.
A user-friendly design with an integrated operation interface makes working easy for operators. There is no need for extra equipment since the AC power itself is sufficient. Within two hours of training, an operator can understand and operate this intuitive operations controller with ease, say company sources.

BGA-936USB Fonton LeaptechKey features:

  • Fast alignment calibration
  • The coaxial mechanism prevents CSP chips from moving
  • Different coloured alignment system creates perfect images
  • High precision device for fast chip location
  • High efficiency soldering with IR system
  • Quick cooling system provides high efficiency
  • Multi-function clampers for various PCBs
  • High precision LLP chip solder paste printing device
  • New fuzzy industrial microprocessor system with USB disk data storage
  • It’s easy and quick to set up parameters
  • Innovative inspection system
  • Six temperature detectors built in
  • User-friendly interface saves time and manpower
  • Durable structure and modular design for easy maintenance

Contact details: Suresh Nair, Navi Mumbai, Ph: +91-98207-09940
India distributor: Leaptech Corporation

Model: Summit 1800, Brand: VJ Electronix, Manufacturer: VJ Electronix, USA
VJ Electronix is offering the Summit 1800 within its SRT series. This automated rework system has been developed by SRT and further refined by VJ Electronix. It is the industry’s standard for rework systems, the company claims, and provides advanced features designed specifically to address difficult rework challenges.
Proprietary SierraMate Windows based software provides an easy to use ‘1-2-3-Go’ graphical user interface, featuring intuitive programming and Auto Profile. The 1800 is production-ready with many standard features, providing superior value.
The Summit 1800 introduces state-of-art innovations to deal with the latest industry advancements including lead-free capability. Well-established unique features such as advanced auto profile, programmable pick-and-place machine with component height sensing, independent top heater and pick-up tube, proprietary split imaging together with precision placement capabilities, optical/digital zoom and automated data/event logging satisfy the demanding requirements of the electronics assembly industry. However, larger and more complex components plus bigger PCBs require even greater functionality. The Summit 1800’s upgraded optics and thermal capabilities satisfy these demands too.
A variety of optional features such as a high power (2.4kW) top heater, solder scavenging with a programmable motorised X-Y table, 558mm x 762mm board handling and 5.6kW bottom heater are available to handle more challenging applications.

Data Sheet VJE Summit 1800 NmtronicsKey features:

  • Maximum board size: 458mm x 560mm (18” x 22”)
  • Minimum component size: 0.25mm (0.010”)
  • 1.6kW focused convection top heater
  • 4.0kW convection plenum bottom heater
  • 56mm top side clearance
  • 38mm bottom side clearance
  • 63mm square field of view
  • 0.02mm (25μ) mean + 3σ placement

Contact details: [email protected], [email protected]
India distributor: NMTronics India Pvt Ltd

Model: APR-5000, Brand: Metcal, Manufacturer: Metcal
The APR-5000 series of array package rework systems (BGA rework systems) incorporates state-of-art vision, closed-loop time, as well as temperature and airflow control. Precision placement and powerful software make the rework of complex array packages easy, fast and reliable.
Economical and easy-to-use, the APR-5000 series of array package rework systems use OK International’s BGA rework technology to deliver best-in-class BGA/CSP functionality with professional performance at an affordable price. All machines incorporate the ideal combination of hardware features and automated software necessary for reworking today’s array packages.
Closed-loop, computer-controlled time, temperature and airflow parameters provide process control and repeatability. Easy-to-program software manages the five stages of the reflow process: pre-heat, soak, ramp, reflow and cooling. In addition, board temperature can be monitored using integrated flying thermocouples. Real-time adjustments can be made to all parameters while the process is running.
To help guarantee uniformity and higher process yields, the APR-5000 series employs a single reflow/placement head that moves to the correct position for rework, allowing the PCB to remain stationary during the process. Plus, the PCB is centralised relative to the pre-heaters to provide superior uniformity of PCB temperature during rework.
The enhanced software is instructive and intuitive, walking the engineer through the steps of the process and then instructing the operator to ensure consistent, repeatable execution of the automatic functions.
As the implementation of lead-free assemblies increases, the APR-5000 array package rework systems have the power, size and sophistication to meet the required higher, cost-sensitive performance criteria.
The innovative 240°C by 250°C single reflow/placement head design helps achieve a consistent, tight Delta T across the board and the component. Thermal damage is precluded due to the system’s precisely controlled pre-heaters, lead-free processes can be quickly developed via the system’s five thermocouples, and closed-loop, computer controls and intuitive software help operators maintain the ideal process from start to finish.
The APR-5000 array package rework systems provide full convection in both reflow heater and pre-heaters for a fast ramp and precise peak reflow temperature without thermal damage to sensitive components unsuitable for heating above 240°C. And with four heating zones and one cooling zone, the precise profiles needed for successful soldering/desoldering of lead-free packages are easily delivered.

Metcal1123Key features:

  • Powerful and capable for today’s challenging need for 200-240V AC 2600W of total power
  • Backward compatible profiles
  • Dual zone preheating
  • Dual zone cooling
  • 0201/0402/0605/µ SMD tape feeder rework built-in software sequence
  • Allows PDF documents to be associated with process files
  • Top and bottom strobe light control

Contact details: [email protected]
India distributor: Mectronics Marketing Services