Smart card ICs


In August 2011, STMicroelectronics unveiled a new secure IC supporting the latest version of the popular Calypso ticketing open standard. Calypso revision 3 is the first from a non-card issuer, which provides a cost effective secure platform for extra e-purse and mobile payment services.

Features and USP: Calypso revision 3, supported by ST’s latest chip, provides independence and reliability for systems users and developers. The chip supports extra innovative services and is unique in offering backward compatibility with legacy Calypso readers, allowing operators to introduce next generation cards quickly and cost effectively. It has a dual interface for contact or contactless applications with a 130 nm process, apart from secure EEPROM. It has also compatibility modes with legacy Calypso products. The CD21 is currently in volume production, delivered as 150- or 75-micron thin wafers or as modules (ultra-thin 250-micron CB6 or 330-micron CB4 contactless modules and as D70 dual-interface modules).

For further details: STMicroelectronics;

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