Signet’s lead acid battery activator


Signet has launched a lead acid battery activator in India called the Signet Eco Tec Power (ETP) battery activator developed with the help of ITE Battery Research Institute, Tokyo.

Features and USP: ETP can help lead acid batteries to double or even triple their life spans. It has revived lead batteries with a 90 per cent success rate. This translates into major cost cutting for consumers and a big help to the ecosystem. ETP can also improve compressor performance, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions and HVAC equipment run times.

It cuts overall energy use by 10–35 per cent and also increases the life of equipment. The application of lead acid batteries is mainly in sectors like automobiles, power back-up for inverters and UPS systems, material handling equipment like forklifts, and for power generation, transmission and distribution. It can also be used in alternate energy storage systems in wind mills and solar units, in electric golf carts, telecom exchanges and towers, in the railways and in the defence sector.

For further details: Hero Power (P) Ltd, Door No 28, Plot 19, 3rd Street, Nethajinagar, Jafferkhanpet, Chennai 600083; Ph: +91-44-43836142; Email: [email protected]; Website:



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