SEMI Launches Initiative to Address Shortage of High-skilled Workers in Electronics Industry


Under the program, SEMI will establish scalable and sustainable education programmes to equip students and professionals with the skill sets the industry needs most.

SEMI, the global industry association serving the electronics manufacturing supply chain, on Monday announced SEMI Works, a comprehensive programme to attract, develop and retain the talent critical to the worldwide electronics industry’s continued innovation and growth.

The holistic programme is designed to improve the industry’s image and provide educational programs for all age groups across the education continuum.

“SEMI has made workforce development and talent advocacy a top priority and dedicated significant resources and expertise to tackle the issue,” said Ajit Manocha, SEMI president and CEO.


“As the global industry association anchoring the $2 trillion global electronics industry and representing the end-to-end semiconductor supply chain, SEMI is uniquely positioned to address this problem. We look forward to forming partnerships in leading the way on behalf of our members to build the workforce of the future,” he added.

An initiative to develop talent vital to the industry’s prosperity

Under the program, SEMI will establish scalable and sustainable education programmes extending from grade-schoolers to adults, offering experiential learning and training programmes linked to the skillsets the industry needs most.

“Attracting, training and retaining talent is a major priority for our industry, and we applaud SEMI for taking a lead in workforce development,” said Dan Durn, senior vice president and CFO of Applied Materials, Inc.

Mike Russo, vice president of Global Industry Advocacy at SEMI, will be leading the programme.

Russo commented, “The global electronics industry’s shortage of high-skilled workers will only become more severe as technology advances. We need a highly skilled workforce throughout the supply chain to develop new technologies and bring these advances to market.”

He added, “SEMI Works will be anchored by both detailed competency models continually updated to support the industry’s rapidly evolving workforce needs and certified education and training aligned to these competencies. This systematic approach will enable us to develop the talent vital to the industry’s prosperity.”

For the programme, SEMI is involving a consortium of member companies along with its strategic alliances. It will expand to include public and private sector partners as well.



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