Samtek's UPS with inbuilt isolation transformer


Samtek Electronics has launched indigenously designed JTS series of compact 1 kVA and 2 kVA online UPS with inbuilt isolation transformer at most competitive prices.

Features and USP: Samtek JTS series UPS has input power factor greater than 0.9 and inbuilt isolation transformer to protect the attached sensitive gadgets. This is an extremely essential feature in view of the prevailing power supply conditions. This range of 1 kVA and 2 kVA UPS has DC bus voltage of 60 VDC and 84 VDC respectively. Being indigenously manufactured, providing component level service is much easier and cheaper as compared to the imported Chinese products. JTS series of UPS is primarily targeted for those who value reliability and consistent performance of the products.

For further details: Prem P Satsangi, Samtek Electronics, 256A, Pandev Nagar, New Delhi; Ph: 9811661519



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