Rooftop solar installations more popular


Rooftop solar installations have been more popular in recent years due to a shift of focus in incentive programs in many countries. According to industry sources, the market strategies for solar systems in the future will lean toward accommodating consumer products such as home appliances.

Countries such as Germany, Italy, and the UK have been cutting incentives for ground-mount installations at solar farms and shifting the focus to household rooftop installations. The shift of focus has been causing the solar industry to turn to small-size rooftop solar power systems.

Davis Chen, chairman and general manager of Taiwan-based rooftop solar installer Win Win Precision, pointed out the current trend in the solar industry is leaning towards rooftop systems in developed countries such as the US and European countries. Demand from developing countries such as India, China and Southeast Asian countries still focuses on large solar power systems that are more complex and involve cooperation between governments and firms.

But consumer-type solar systems are more complex than ordinary consumer electronics, judging from the difficulties in their design and installation, the power generating capabilities and the required warranty of 15 years. Brand recognition will be the key for system firms to win.


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