ROHM launches new TFT chipset solutions in India


ROHM, a Japan based semiconductor solution provider has for the first time introduced ‘Panel Chipset solutions in the Indian market to bring in safety function to Next-generation Auto motives including Two wheelers . The chipset has been designed to drive and control automotive LCDs, including larger high resolution monitors used for navigation and the instrument cluster. The expanded line-up is compatible with functional safety measures for speedometers, side mirrors, and other vehicle systems.

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The increased  use of  LCD  panels in next generation vehicles for the instrument cluster, navigation, electronic mirrors, and other systems, with larger, higher resolution displays, calls for an increase in the number of driver and controller channels. This makes system configuration and operation verification more difficult, favouring chipset solutions. In applications such as electronic mirrors, malfunctions can lead to serious accidents and functional safety is required.

ROHM is providing energy efficient power and safety solutions for automobile and has recently developed a chipset designed to drive and control automotive LCDs, including larger high-resolution monitors used for navigation and the instrument cluster. ROHM’s revenues from this Panel-chipset solution is projected to hit US$100 million by 2021, with a CAGR of 13% with present US$60 million.


“The automotive industry in India is one of the prime drivers of the Indian economy. This industry’s R&D is an integral part of enabling manufacturing and innovations in India. ROHM introduces the latest technology in Panel-Safety which had huge market success in Europe and Japan. ROHM is convinced that this new automotive Panel-Chipset is necessary for the Indian market as it will enhance both safety and comfort.” said Daisuke Nakamura, Managing Director, ROHM Semiconductor India.

“ROHM Semiconductor India is working towards enabling innovations in the Indian two-wheeler market. We are now working with key Indian two-wheeler OEM and Tier1, to customize this solution for the Indian market. A fully functional digital LCD panel can display much more useful information than the mechanical and semi-digital panels. We are working very closely with both conventional OEM’s and for e-bikes to define the application in India.” said Britto Edward Victor, Head, Design Center, ROHM Semiconductor India.



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