Riello’s multi-sentry industrial UPS systems


Riello PCI India introduced Multi-sentry UPS systems in March 2011, to protect data centre and telecommunications systems, IT networks and critical systems where poor power quality can lead to loss of operations and service.

Features and USP: The multi-sentry UPS series is available in models of 10-12 kVA and 15-20 kVA, with three phase and single phase input and single phase output. It is also available in models of 10-12 up to 100-120 kVA with three phase input and output, and online double conversion technology. Its highly flexible design allows full compatibility, both with three phase and single phase power supplies.

It has zero impact on the power source, whether it is the mains power supply or a generator. It also reduces the input current distortion to less than 3 per cent and the input power factor becomes 0.99. In addition, it plays the role of a filter and power factor corrector in the power network upstream of the UPS, as it eliminates harmonic components and the reactive power generated by the powered utilities.

For further details: Riello PCI India Pvt Ltd, Prime Group Building, 11/5B, Pusa Road, New Delhi 110005; Ph: +91-11-41888999, 41888888; Email: [email protected]; Website: www.riello-pci.com



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