RFID chips


In March 2012, EM Microelectronic launched the EM4325, a versatile and multipurpose, battery assisted passive (BAP) RFID chip with an integrated temperature sensor.

Features and USP: EM4325’s BAP RFID technology combines the lower complexity, simpler communication protocols and lower cost of passive RFID with a significantly higher read range and the increased communication robustness available with active RFID. The EM4325 operates in both BAP and purely passive modes. It integrates smart power management for longer battery life when used in BAP applications. It also allows programmable duty cycle and automatic switching between battery powered and field powered operations when the tag is too far away from the reader. A unique ultra low power (ULP) mode can be activated or disabled via a simple reader command. This ULP mode extends the tag battery life when the tags are stored for long periods.

For further details: [email protected]; www.emmicroelectronic.com



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