Remotely operated vehicle


In June 2012, NEX Robotics introduced a high performance remotely operated vehicle (ROV) called Dominator II.

Features and USP: It is powered by compact twin drive trains with a peak output of 2 HP and top speed of 15 km/hr. It can carry 60 kg of additional mission specific payload in its modular cargo bays. This provides the ROV with excellent manoeuvrability on all types of surfaces. The ROV has modular architecture with weapon mounts for a light machine gun, a grenade launcher, a 6 axis robotic arm for improvised explosive device (IED) disposal and a multi-spectrum camera pod with a zoom of up to 60X with hardware image stabilisation. It has a secure digital wireless link for communication up to 30 km for line of sight (LoS) communication or a dedicated satellite link of non-LOS communication. The ROV is controlled by an IP67 standard remote control with a video display. It is also equipped with GPS, environmental as well as other tactical sensor packs suitable for different types of mission profiles.

For further details: Ph: +91 9833553020;

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