Reliance Jio Showcases Potential Uses of Upcoming 5G technology


Reliance Jio, demonstrating 5G potential, in collaboration with Ericsson drove a prototype car in Mumbai from Aerocity, Delhi

Reliance Jio, led by Mr Mukesh Ambani, demonstrated the potential uses of 5G technology on Thursday. The company in collaboration with Ericsson showcased a prototype car that they drove in Mumbai using 5G technology. The car, prototyped at Reliance Corporate Part was driven remotely from Aerocity, Delhi.

Reliance also showcased flying drones with the capability of recognising faces using 5G technology. The company claims that the drones, powered by 5G technology, can be used for superior security surveillance by monitoring and identifying threats from the sky on a real-time basis.

A revolution in cellular networks


Touted 10 times faster than 4G, 5G as per Jio will revolutionise cellular networks by offering a seamless medium for communication. Jio officials putting stress on the advantages of 5G said that the new technology is much more than just an upgrade on 4G.

They claimed that Jio and Ericsson, together tested the limits of 5G. The tests demonstrated that 5G will actually make new, improved offerings which include remote control of machines and 360-degree 4K video streaming on a real-time basis.

India will be 5G ready before the world

Mr Mukesh Ambani, Chairman, Reliance industries said “By 2020, I believe India will be a fully-4G country and ready for 5G ahead of others. Every phone in India will be a 4G enabled phone and every customer will have access to 4G connectivity. India has moved from 155th rank in mobile broadband penetration to be the number one nation in mobile data consumption in the world in less than two years. This is the fastest transition anywhere in the world from 2G and 3G to 4G.”

He specifically mentioned that India will be 5G ready before the rest of the world.



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