Railway minister Suresh Prabhu advocates use of renewable energy


April 21, 2015: Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu has cautioned against the negative effects of greenhouse gases which are emitted because of fuel usage. The minister has supported the cause of using renewable energy like solar and wind energy.

“The large-scale use of fossil fuel worldwide is causing greenhouse gas emission affecting the climate adversely. All have agreed that greenhouse gas emission due to use of fossil fuel is causing global warming and climate change,” he said at a memorial lecture, reported Economictimes.com..

He explained the harmful outcome of greenhouse gas emission, and said, “The unseasonal rain in the recent time and the amount of change in weather cannot be imagined. Extreme weather is causing adverse effect on agriculture like damage to crop.”

He also added. “We must find out new source of energy which are sustainable and it is a big challenge today, stated the website.

“We have 300 days of good sunshine in India. We do not have to import solar energy. We should focus on solar power,” he said.

Highlighting the shotcomings or the current challenges in the solar energy, he said, “However, there is a requirement for storage facility of solar energy”, reported the website.