PXI vector signal analyser


In September 2011, Agilent Technologies introduced superior streaming capability for M9392A PXI vector signal analyser and M9202A digitiser, providing PXI based, continuous data capture (up to 100 MHz bandwidth) to a RAID storage solution.

Features and USP: The new data capture solution allows customers to use Agilent 89600B vector signal analysis software to characterise complex, time varying signals or a customer developed data analysis tool. The M9392A and M9202A streaming capabilities are ideal for customers requiring up to 100 MHz of measurement bandwidth for frequencies up to 26.5 GHz. Data capture can occur either directly to the embedded or external controller for short duration captures of a few seconds, or to a RAID for long-duration capture lasting from several minutes to over 13 hours, depending on the storage capacity of the RAID and the desired measurement bandwidth.

For further details: Agilent Technologies India Pvt Ltd; Ph:+91 11 46237134; [email protected]; www.agilent.com



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