Prototyping Hub T-Works Set to Operate from April 2019


Hyderabad-based T-Works aims to cater to designers, engineers, artists, contract manufacturers and corporates to contribute to innovation in the ESDM sector

T-Works, a joint venture of major tech companies and the government of Telangana, will start functioning from April 2019 to promote start-ups that focus on the electronics and mechanics areas. The centre aims to aid innovative ideas with the required equipment support in the production process.

T-Works facility

The Hyderabad-based prototyping facility will act as one platform wherein the designers, engineers, artists, contract manufacturers and corporates can work and get access to the prototyping equipment. The state government also aims to extend the centre to entrepreneurs and hobbyists gradually.

An investment of Rs. 60 crores have been set for the prototyping hub. Companies like Microsoft, Qualcomm and 28 others that have joined the government will also be funding the centre. Spread across70,000 square feet, this centre can accommodate to around 500 innovators at once. The plan is also to extend the size to 250,000 square feet and to include 1500-2000 participants.

Charges for using the space

T-Works will be charging a nominal fee from anyone who will be using the equipment for their innovative ideas. Students will also be able to look at the technology and explore their innovative ideas and accordingly apply it in their test. The participants will be offered guidance from mentors once the proposal for including them gets approved.

Telangana has been promoting its start-ups through various accelerating programs and investments in the state. It has earlier allocated around Rs. 2000 crores as seed funds to support start-ups in collaboration with start-up engine T-Hub. Besides, the state is also focussing on building Hyderabad as the centre for innovation and technology.


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