Prime minister Narendra Modi launches domestic LED lighting scheme in Delhi


panasonic led lightningJanuary 6, 2014: National capital Delhi becomes the latest one to join the LED race as prime minister Narendra Modi has launched a campaign to distribute LED bulbs to the citizens of the state at a subsidised rate in order to promote efficient lighting that can save both energy and costs. This will be done as a part of the domestic efficient lighting programme in Delhi and national programme for LED-based lighting for streets and homes.

Launching the campaign Modi said that it is a much more economical move to conserve power than to produce power. To ensure the smooth running of this scheme, the PM has launched a web-based system through which the consumers can register their respective requests for procuring LED bulbs under Domestic Efficient Lighting Programme (DELP). The bulbs shall be distributed in a phased manner, starting March 2015. The overall project of installing LED home and street lighting in 100 cities is targeted for completion by 2016.

All domestic consumers in Delhi can procure the LED bulbs at a nominal payment of Rs 10 for each bulb. The rest of the cost will be recovered by charging Rs 10 in each electricity bill for 12 months. Hence, the total cost of an LED bulb will be Rs 130 for a domestic consumer, as compared to Rs 350 to Rs 600 in the retail market. The LED bulbs will also have a warranty of three years.

Modi emphasised the need to spread an awareness among the people for turning towards the LED technology for the domestic lighting as this will not only save a lot of power, it will also save a lot of money. He even encouraged the involvement of celebrities in driving this campaign. Modi further added that this will act as a challenge for LED manufacturers to bring in products in the market without compromising on quality. He also called for goals to be set on district levels and wanted a prioritisation of this scheme in all towns which have a population of over 1,00,000.