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In August 2011, Emerson Network Power announced a new series of high efficiency power supplies for LED lighting—the LDS25 series. The new 25 watt series joins the company’s LDS70 series of 70 watt products in this fast growing market.

Features and USP: The new LDS25 series has an input range of 120 to 277 Vac and can deliver up to 700 mA at 36 Vdc. Its constant current mode operates from 36 V down to 26 V, while the constant voltage mode operates with load currents from 300 to 700 mA. Active power factor correction enables them to achieve a power factor of at least 0.9, and these power supplies have a high conversion efficiency of 86 per cent, typically. They are rated for operations over an ambient temperature range of minus 30 to 60 degrees celsius, or a case temperature range of minus 30 to 90 degrees celsius, with no need for forced air cooling. They also fully comply with the CISPR 15 requirement for EMI, and meet FCC Part-15 conducted noise standards.

For further details: Emerson Network Power; Ph: +85221763548; [email protected]; www.Emerson.com/EmbeddedPower

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